Bone treatment

It is important to carry out an impeccable disinfection concerning the bones.
They can carry diseases (viral, bacterial or parasitic). Never touch bones found in nature or untreated without gloves or personal protection.
Here is the complete process of our treatments:
(You can use this support to disinfect your bones. Please note that this method is ours. There are a thousand and one ways to proceed).
If any flesh remains:
Boiling yellows, sets fat and can weaken bone tissue. In this case we prefer to make an offering of this flesh to ants and other scavenger insects. We bury a maximum of 1 month. It is best to leave the carcasses in the open. The earth could stain the bones and fix the fats over the long term.
Second possibility and the best: Flesh the animal in order to remove as much fresh or dry flesh as possible. Soak the bones in sealed buckets with clear water for 1 to 2 months. It will be much easier to remove the excess.
The disinfection process can be long and taxing. Indeed, their energies linked to the element of water are heavy and can be difficult to bear.
In buckets we pour acetone without perfume. Indeed acetone has a degreasing power which is essential for the fight against the proliferation of bacteria as well as for disinfection. A bone is fat, it is important not to neglect this step. Do not bleach! This product destroys bone tissue.
We carry out this process for 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the condition of the bones.
We perform this step only raw worked bones. Unpainted.
In cotton, soak in 10V hydrogen peroxide for 48 hours.
Never mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. (Corroding). Wait until the bone is completely dry for this step.
We have brushes and accessories adapted to the cleaning stage.
We let it dry in the sun for a week or two.