Why purify?
Purification is the a in order to neutralize all energies. Delete to re-create. Mainly fumigation is used. Simple and efficient.
How to do ?
Nothing's easier :
Light a charcoal and place it in a heatproof container. Put a teaspoon of the purification mixture on the charcoal.
Place it on the ground. You will stand above the naked cauldron. Yes, clothing can diminish the effects of purification. Begin by placing your feet in the smoke, allowing it to travel up your body and absorb the energies of your material body. You are going to feel the energies take off and go with the fumigation.
To purify your living space:
Close your windows, the more smoke there is, the more effective the purification will be.
The latter will seek energy in every corner of your home. Do not hesitate to place several cauldrons in your interior for more speed. Combine this fumigation with visualization for more efficiency.
I advise you to leave for 30min before opening your windows wide and chasing the smoke which will have absorbed everything.
Once the energies have been neutralized, it's time to reload, install the energies of your choice.
(Full IGTV video on Instagram- Moe.GreenWitch).
To seal your work, install your protections precisely by adapting your methods and correspondence.