Consecration to the 4 elements

How to make a consecration?
Let's start with the simplest: the 4 elements.
You will place your item/ingredients that you want to consecrate in the center of the following elements:
Earth to the north, air to the east, fire to the south, water to the west.
(salt, incense, candle, water).
Stand to the North.
You can perform this ritual on your Practice Altar intended for this.
Start from the North, (clockwise) place your object on the salt and recite your incantation. Always be precise in your words and in your request...
For example "By the earth, this incense tightens our bonds and promotes strong and sincere love between us 2" or even "By the earth, this incense strengthens my esteem, my love for myself".
To energetically activate the ingredients, activate a magic object, if you do not know how to do it via the astral I advise you to visualize.
Ask yourself, and visualize your ingredients / object.
You are going to open it, and take the energies that come out of it in order to install them. Do it with your mind, not your head. With your heart and your soul. You can repeat your incantation (visualize it written in your mind).
Attention, each word has a power, a vibration.
Ask yourself and choose the right words in relation to your objective.
Repeat this for each item. If possible meter in contact with the 4 elements. Or above.