About spirits

 With regard to the service "Channeling your guiding spirits ", what if no spirit is present?
We are surrounded daily by all kinds of spirits or entities. I only work with their permission. It can happen that no spirit wishes to communicate for various and varied reasons. We respect their choice and in this case, we proceed to a full refund of the consultation "Channeling your guiding spirits".
Each session is unique. We cannot predict their course.
Do we all have a guiding spirit?
All the information given comes from our experiences, through our filters and perceptions of things. We do not in any way hold THE absolute truth.
We all have a definition guiding spirit different.
Some will be in your energies in order to have an energy exchange which will have the benefit of helping you directly or indirectly. Their logic is different from ours. Their presence is never a coincidence.
To sum up, yes we are constantly surrounded by spirits who guide us in their own way.