Death and the energy trace

Death and the energy trace. My testimony as a Medium.

A bit of a tough subject but one that I would like to discuss with you today.

The bones, just like the animal remains have and will always have heavy and heavy energies even after purification or animal communication. It is normal are the energies of death. I noticed that many are surprised after adopting bones… And yes, they keep an energetic trace specific to the spirit of the animal in question. Let me explain :

✨When an animal dies, most of the time, their soul goes to the astral and leaves their physical body in matter. (you should also know that the fear of death is a human concept).
When we want to recover their remains (example the bones), we start the butchering once we have had the agreement of the spirit (animal communication). Then comes the disinfection and treatment process already discussed on this account

Personally I purify them 4 elements in the astral but also in matter. BUT for one reason only: To avoid parasitic energy residues. Because no, they do not remove the very energy of the animal or of death. It is part of the identity of the rest, the energetic trace is engraved.

So no, feeling the "pain" of an animal after its death does not mean that its spirit is martyred.
There is what is called "energy memory": The memory of walls (already discussed), the memory of objects but also of the "living" due to energy traces and it's NORMAL!

✨ Spirits: Are they still attached to their body? It's case by case. But if the animal needs "help" it will let you know. No need to call on “soul smugglers” (already any medium is, it is enough simply to communicate, to take the time to listen to them)…. Leave the spirits where they are, they have their free will. I happened to carve up and have the spirit by my side give me advice or even come back from time to time. And that's okay!

Some don't care at all and are away from their bodies. Others like to be pampered. A present spirit does not mean needing help. It is the same for all entities and spirits.

Personally, I love having cheerful spirits when I give their remains a second life. I feel useful and the love I have for them is endless. Living as dead.