About our consultation

How does a consultation go? What are the steps?
It is very simple! Once your order has been placed, you will normally have chosen an appointment slot on the site's agenda. On D-Day, I contact you via the contact details given on What's App. The exchanges are done by voice. Are you hard of hearing? No worries I can write!
You will therefore have the possibility of re-listening/re-reading.
The appointment takes place during our exchange. Waiting for the appointment may differ depending on our number of orders and services. Generally a patience of 10 days to 2 months will be required. (This will depend on the quantity of services ordered).
If the consultation has an illustration, the latter is carried out on the day of or in the days following the time of the appointment. It will be sent to you as soon as possible.

How is our remote care going?


The best way to perform a treatment is to go through the astral. Indeed, to make a great summary, the astral is the energetic world. It is in his planes that entities, spirits, etc. "live". We can also say the world of the dead, except its plans are infinite and complex. Communications are soul to soul. And yes! We all have a spirit, whether reincarnated or not.

I work on your subliminal part (energy bodies) in the astral. Through this I have access to the information you want to show me. Consciously as well as unconsciously. (emotional wounds, energy faults, links, entities, chakras etc.).

Our energy bodies are connected to our material body, this is why working on your subliminal part will have an impact in matter.

You will be able to feel the benefits of the treatments within a few hours, days or weeks depending on the sensitivity of each.

To link the energy to the material, ingredients in accordance with the correspondence according to your needs during the treatment are provided to you with explanatory sheets.