The details that make all the difference

..Would you like to know more about the behind-the-scenes making of Lunar Brooches?

Have more details on customizations? You are in the right place!

The choice of our wood:

Honestly, I wouldn't tell you "we choose our raw materials based on energy, we do a lot of research to find you the best wood..." no, that would be lying to you. The reality is this: I trust the Gods. The report ? It's simple: The wood provided to us by our neighbors butchers and pruners. We collect scraps, so we don't know what wood we are going to work with in advance. Of course we have the knowledge to select the species suitable for working with spindles.

So it is the Gods who choose.

We have the opportunity to work with Birch, Beech, Chestnut, Tile, Cherry, Apple, Pear and Plum. They are local and come from our private orchard and forest.


Our working methods and organization:

Having numerous orders, we had to find a strict organization which allows a regular cadence over time. 50 pins per week.

First of all, we keep an order book where we associate order numbers, themes and the serial number. This allows you to find any pin. Meet at the workshop, every Monday the machines dance, heat up for 7 to 9 hours without interruption in order to have the basics for the week.

The rest of the week we are at the varnishing, customization of the projects, requests for validations, installation of the resin and finally the shipments.

As you may have read, before installing the resin, we request validation of the project before sending it to you. It is important to take into account that project modifications are not possible EXCEPT if you do not respect the project described on the site when ordering. Except if your basic project is not feasible.

The consultations are paused in order to free up as much time as possible for your orders and creations.

Why Lunar Brooches? Do they really serve any purpose?

It all started with a tutorial “How to Make a Brooch?” » which consisted of showing you the creation of my own bun pin. You really liked it. Too much, a little too much because basically I wanted to please you by creating 5 to 10 moons no more.

The Gods decided otherwise. To be very transparent, at that time I was looking for a creation that would set the store apart, a renewal that could reach a wider clientele. The Gods put these moons in my path. They brought me visibility (14 million views on TikTok). To date, almost all of my videos including a pin pierce. Which comforts us in the idea that we are indeed on the path that the Gods have in store for us.

The best advice I can give you: Trust the Gods/universes/guides/spirits no matter your beliefs. They know how to give you opportunities on time. Everything is always perfect.

Our pins have been designed to respect the hair fiber.

We have put together 4 different sizes that are suitable for any hair type. The resin borders the wood which allows: To slide it, preserve the wood and the work itself: Paint, varnish etc. Its presence is useful to solidify the points and absorb shocks. Please note, our brooches are handmade, they are not unbreakable!

I've been using the pin for 1 year to tie my hair in addition to oil baths, protective hairstyles and my head hair has never looked so beautiful! Less breakage, more shine and more growth.

According to many feedback on curly hair, moons help maintain curls.