About Us

Moe, founder of TDR
On this site, we use the “We” to talk about the Terre de Renard team. Indeed, the store is run by myself (Moe). However, Terre De Renard is not exclusively my person.
Indeed, those close to me participate in my creative ideas, helping me to surpass myself on a daily basis. The spirits around me are also of great help to me.
Terre de Renard was created on March 1, 2021 by Moe, known under the nickname Moe.GreenWitch on social networks, with the desire to introduce you to our universe and our talents.
In a world where esotericism, spirituality and witchcraft are in full expansion, we saw an opportunity to discover our practices in connection with these and mediumship.
How it started
I have always been immersed in the world of spirituality linked to mediumship. From a very young age, my grandmother read the Tarot and I participated in her cartomancy sessions from afar.
When it came to my mediumship, I saw and captured many spirits but thought it was the same for everyone.
A few years ago, when meeting the person who shares my life, I was able to put into words what I saw and experienced: Extra sensory abilities.
I met exceptional mediums and had the chance to exchange and cross-reference my sources.
I wanted to share my experiences and advice on the networks. You really liked it.
The birth of Terre de Renard
During the first confinement, not finding THE Tarot of my dreams, I decided to create my own. The creation lasted 4 months. 4 months sharing this adventure with you on the networks, which brought me closer to my community.
Having only my paper, my paint and my laminator, this experience gave you so much more than Terre de Renard seen in the light of day with the 100% handmade Oracle of Mirror Hours.
That's when I remembered a promise.
“You will use your drawing skills to benefit those around you and bring smiles to their faces.”
These are the words my grandfather said before he passed away. He was a great artist in the eyes of the little girl I was.
There is no such thing as coincidence.
Confident, I trusted my grandfather and decided to link my mediumship to my art.
Illustrate minds.
Even better, draw “your” Spirits
Our Best Seller
“Channeling your guiding spirits”
Having launched this project on the networks, the success was immediate, the videos of the illustrations of the spirits would exceed 150,000 views in a few days on TikTok. Contacted by Konbini media journalists, we were able to take you behind the scenes of communications with the entities.
Land of Fox today
Today our values ​​are still the same:
Help you understand the minds around you, create illustrations from scratch that reflect you.

We have taken this approach even further by working with wood (moon pins, logs, 100% customizable sticks).

We have perfected our energy assessments and implemented comprehensive treatments, suitable for everyone.

But above all, we wanted to pass on to you our knowledge, our love and respect for spirits whoever they may be.
In this respectful approach:
Honoring animals by giving them a second life is a real passion. Using our mediumistic abilities, we carry out animal communications in order to understand their death, their needs and help them find peace.
Let's be honest, every animal does not die naturally but mainly by human hands...
Not condoning hunting, he owed it to us to pay homage to them in the most beautiful way: to honor them and make them beautiful.
Today Terre de Renard is a registered trademark.
In 2023, Land of Fox had a boom or even a buzz (14 million views on TikTok) thanks to the lunar pins. Currently, our consultations are on pause while we honor all your pin orders.