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Terre De Renard

Amelya *Deer*

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death is poetry

Honor and give a second life to animal remains. This motto is one of our values. Here we have a deer skull top from the legal hunt. We are transparent about this.

Our bones come from recovery: Flea market, butchering during deaths on the roads and donations from deceased hunters. This young being stayed with us for a year before deciding to be adopted.

An animal communication is set up before the process in order to know more and to help or not if the spirit is "still there". In this case, the spirit of this deer has not been very available during the communication which indicates that it is no longer attached to its remains. A softer energy gave us the green light to have it adopted.

The hunter having boiled and treated his bones with bleach, the bone fiber is fragile. We cleaned it before embellishment.

Concerning death and the energy trace, I let you read the article "Death and the energy trace" available in our  FAQs.

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Magnifique ✨

Une pièce sublime, la mort est vraiment une poésie dont Moe sais parfaitement rendre hommage 🌿


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